The Pumpersock is a safety protector for concrete pump trucks. With our specially bonded material, the Pumpersock assures that if the tip hose, 90/elbow, or the straight pipe burst it will protect and catch the debris. Which in turn saves the workers from high pressure splatters and high volume debris. It also decreases worker compensation claims and encourages high productivity rates.

All Pumpersocks are put in place for safety and ease. Our specially bonded material can endure weather in extreme conditions. With our light and durable material, it makes moving and installing the sock a breeze. The pumpersock combines a tip hose attachment and a 4th stage 90 /elbow attachment which is bonded together for ease in mobility and installation.

Another feature that sets our product apart is the glow strip feature. When working in poorly lit areas it is often hard to see and know the exact position of the tip hose but with the Pumpersock that is no longer a problem. Our sock comes equipped with glowing strips around the mouth of the tip hose and another glow strip farther up the hose to make it visible in dark areas. With the aid of the glow strips and the easily guided material, the Pumpersock is sure to be beneficial part of your equipment and safety procedure.


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